Brenda Christian Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation

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Size: 1 fl oz (30 ml) in Airless Pump

Micro-encapsulated Mineral Technology Filled with Patented Active Firm.

  • One of 3 colors miraculously adjusts to your perfect skin color match
  • Micro-encapsulated minerals nurture and protect the skin
  • Soothing green tea base provides strong anti-oxidant benefits
  • Key ingredients of lecithin calm acneic/oily skin as olive derived squalane firms and hydrates dry skin
  • Demi matte finish gives wearer young, radiant finish, always fresh and natural
  • Ideal for all skin types

Imagine a perfect, silky-looking skin and a youthful radiance bound together with hydrating, anti-aging protection and you have Brenda Christian’s Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation. Brenda Christian's chameleon-like foundation color adjusts (up to 30 shades per base tone) with our skin tone as it changes throughout the year. Now, when seasons change, and your skin naturally lightens or darkens due to sun exposure, your Color Adjusting Foundation will change as well.

Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation Color Selection Guidence:

Palest shade, neutral shade that covers other company shade names like Bisque, Porcelain, Alabaster, Soft Beige. This shade has a touch more white in it than the Natural Beige and has less beige in it than the Natural Beige. Works well for women from European ancestry with the pale, pinker, or ivory skin colors.

Natural Beige (most popular)
Neutral shade which covers other company shade names like, light Beige or Beige. This is the largest selling shade and works well with any skin that is Caucasian with a bit of warmth. If you have a lighter skin but tan easily you will most likely wear Natural beige. Natural Beige has a bit more yellow to it and helps to neutralize Rosacea, and ruddy complexions.

Mediterranean Beige
This rich shade of deep beige is a bit cooler in color than the Natural Beige and works beautifully for clients with heritages in the Mediterranean Region. Mediterranean Beige also works well for the very pale skin client with strong blue/pink undertones who gets a bit of sun coloring. Adding a touch of this shade will deepen their original Porcelain to the perfect hue.

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