Bio Jouvance Paris Skincare

2-1-.jpgAll real progress begins with a vision. For Sonia Boghosian and Raymond Scimouni, founders of Bio Jouvance Paris, the vision was not merely to push the skin care envelope, but to reinvent it.

The story begins in Paris, where Sonia Boghosian received training at the most prestigious skin care institutes and where she met her husband Raymond Scimouni, world renowned biochemist who shared her passion for extraordinary skin care products that will make a difference. The combination of aesthetics and science would be the model for every Bio Jouvance skin care innovation over the next three decades. By 1986, Sonia and Raymond decided to take their ideas across the Atlantic, and opened the first Bio Jouvance Spa and distribution and training center on U.S. soil. They selected San Francisco as their location, and introduced their iconoclastic combination of smart science and spa pampering to American estheticians and women who were hungry for skin care that went beyond established limits.

As of five years ago, Bio Jouvance introduced a new line of medi-esthetics products called EMA Clinical (Exclusive Medical Advances), named after Sonia’s mother who was one of the first woman in Iran who received the highest esthetic education, and was the one who inspired Sonia to follow the family tradition of appreciating high quality products and higher education. The superior line of EMA Clinical is simple yet effective, consisting of peels and masks to address the most common skin disorders without the downtime or aggressions that clients can experience when seeking immediate results.