brenda-w-brush-s.jpgBrenda Christian Cosmetics, a professional quality line of makeup, cosmetics,skin care, and body care products, offers women unparalleled solutions to their skin care and makeup needs. Established by Brenda Christian, the company develops products based upon voids in the cosmetics industry that Ms. Christian identifies through client information.

As President and CEO of Brenda Christian Cosmetics, Inc, my philosophy is simple: I want to develop cosmetics which truly nurture the skin. Working with my team of extremely talented chemists, I strive to create innovative, solution oriented skin treatments and cosmetics for you, always working to provide real solutions to the everyday challenges we all meet as we age and attempt to stay fashionable.

Face it. Most of us are so busy juggling our personal and professional lives, that the last thing on our agenda is to see what’s happening on the fashion design runways of the world, but we do want to stay up to date. That’s where I come in, by translating what is happening in fashion into our every day lives. Yes, I’ll tell you when dark lipstick is absolutely a no-no, but I’ll also tell you to wear what makes you feel beautiful. I’ll give you tips and tools to make your daily life just a little bit prettier, and a lot more comfortable, and hopefully iron out a few creases along the way.

Brenda Christian

  • Brenda Christian Color Remedies Trio
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    Brenda Christian Color Remedies Trio

    Retail: $64.00
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    Your Price: $53.95

  • Brenda Christian Diamond Powder
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    Brenda Christian Diamond Powder

    Retail: $58.95
    You Get:
    Your Price: $48.95

  • Brenda Christian remedies color adjusting foundation
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    Brenda Christian Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation

    Retail: $69.95
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    Your Price: $65.95

  • PhattenUp Lip Treatment
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    PhattenUp Lip Treatment

    Retail: $35.50
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    Your Price: $27.50