Oily-Acne Skin Type

It's Easy as One-Two-Three: Morning and Evening Skincare:

1. Cleanse:  DDF Salicylic Wash 2% - Actively works to regulate excessive oil production, to help prevent and control blemishes and congested pores. 2% Salicylic acid unclogs and refines pores while allantoin and panthenol condition, resulting in a silky texture. It helps heal and prevent blackheads, white heads and blemishes, allowing the skin to achieve a pure, clear and radiant appearance

2. Treat:  DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliation Oil Control Gel - A 10% Glycolic gel with 2% Salicylic Acid clears and helps prevent blemishes while visibly reducing pores and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Propylene glycolic, licorice extract and aloe barbadensis leaf juice work together to exfoliate, condition, hydrate, nourish and brighten, leaving the complexion looking healthy and radiant.

3. Moisturize Daytime: DDF Mattifying Oil Control SPF 15 - A daily protective moisturizer with a shine-reducing formulation, controls oil on contact while shielding against UVA and UVB damage with an SPF of 15. The non-comedogenic texture glides on smoothly and sets to a comfortable finish that never feels greasy or heavy. The skin is left beautifully matte, effectively protected and perfectly comfortable.

   Moisturize Nighttime: DDF Acne Control Treatment - A night treatment with Salicylic Acid Acne Medication that fights, controls, and normalizes acne.  Formulated with Clarifying Neutralizing Complex, skin conditioners and glycerin moisturizes to soothe skin and restore balance.  Non-comedogenic and paraben-free.

  • DDF Acne Skin Care Control Treatment
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    DDF Acne Control Treatment

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  • DDF Glycolic 10 Exfoliating Oil Control Gel
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    DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel

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  • DDF Oily or Acne-Prone Skin Salicylic Wash
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    DDF Salicylic Wash

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