Dry-Mature Skin Type

It's Easy as One-Two-Three: Morning and Evening Skincare:

1. Cleanse: Osmosis Purify Exfoliating Cleanse  - A gently exfoliating cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt and environmental toxins without stripping the skin's protective lipid barrier. 

2. Treat: Osmosis Renew Serum - Renew takes its name seriously, with all natural ingredients that revitalize your skin. While lightly exfoliating and hydrating, it protects the skin from UV rays, normalizes oil, clears acne, reduces fine lines, and shrinks pores. Stimulates fibroblast activity and blood flow, which are pivotal in repairing skin density and in the overall look and quality of your skin

3.Moisturize Day and Night: Osmosis Immerse Intensive Hydrator - Osmosis Immerse harnesses the best of Mother Nature for your skin. Blueberry and Raspberry seed oil - naturally high in antioxidants - and Calendula infused oil - a natural anti-inflammatory - form an intense hydrator which can be used alone or added to your other moisturizers for severely dry skin. Osmosis Immerse also promotes wound healing for post-peel patients while calming and soothing the skin. Add Osmosis Immerse to Osmosis Quench for an extra boost of moisture. You will love how your skin feels. Recommended for daytime to follow with: Osmosis Shelter Sunblock SPF30 - An all-natural, SPF 30, zinc oxide sunblock moisturizer. Provides significant broad spectrum sunblock protection utilizing silica-coated micronized zinc. This is the safest sunblock ingredient available because it does not break down like uncoated zinc and it does not absorb into our system like micronized titanium.