Dr. Ben Johnson: The Answer to Melasma

Dr. Johnson's Corner - February 2012


RESTORE : The Answer for Melasma

For years I have been advocating that melasma is caused by a fungus. The problem has been finding something that specifically kills that fungus. We are excited to ammounce the launch of OsmosisRestoreTM, a truly remarkable internal supplement and topical serum that not only removes the fungus from the body but also heals the liver damage that is caused. RestoreTM is a highly specialized formulation that boosts your body's immune function and repair process internally and topically by treating:

  • Aging body and skin (all ages)
  • Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Liver and Age Spots
  • Weak or Suppressed Immune System

The results happen in the first three to six months of use. There are no side effects, but numerous benefits both topically and internally. Hyperpigmentation plagues everyone over 40 and there is not a permanent answer for it. People have burned their skin with lasers and peels and used topical irrtants and toxins in an effort to try and get a temporary response.

Research shows that likely causes of aging are the accumulation of free radicals and protein damage found in the body. Protein oxidation occurs daily in our cells and is also the result of free radicals; with the buildup of this damage, premature aging occurs. No longer is treating free-radicals enough to prevent aging. RestoreTM enhances the body's ability to repair broken (toxic) proteins considerably, thereby reducing the progression of aging, disease, and inflammation.

Immune rejuvenation is possible so give your immune system the upgrade it needs to combat an aging body and skin. It will forever change your life!

Ben Johnson, MD
Ben Johnson, MD

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD