Posted by Linda Hong on 24th Apr 2015

Looking for (almost) instant gratification? I have received so much positive feedback about some "speedy skin fix" products, that this month I am going to do exactly what my clients have suggested and SPREAD THE WORD! I am happy to recommend these products and treatments that will hide imperfections in a pinch.




With so many quick-acting options available today, there's no need to resort to eye surgery to eliminate puffiness, bags or sagging lids. To fight dark circles and smooth wrinkles in minutes, try Circadia Emergency Eye Lift, with key hydrator Sodium hyaluronate that seals in moisture while panthenol revives and soothes the entire eye area. Improves eye appearance for a immediate tightening and quick lift.

Theraderma Skincare Lifting Elixir is a unique skin firming, and lifting treatment combining advanced anti aging multi-peptides with lifting seaweed and moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid in a silky fluid suspension.

Here's one more…….

Volcanic Origins Eyes & Lips Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask – the microscopic clay particles and super absorbency removes toxins. The fluid recedes, causing tissue to detoxify, compact and tighten. You will see immediate results.

mASK BRIGHTENAnti-Aging/Skin Brightening facial is my #1 most requested facial treatment from my steady list of clients. One 60 minute session produces instant radiance and an even skin tone without irritation thanks to a special galvanic and light therapy tool. Ideal for a special occasion or monthly skincare rejuvenation.

At home get immediate results to brighten and tighten your skin with Volcanic Origin Face & Body Ash Mineral Clay Mud Mask. Takes 15 minutes for the most amazing results. Ideal for all skin types. Want all your skin brightening treatments to last longer? Use a sunblock daily. Our top selling sunblock is Solar Protection Formula Tizo3 SPF 40 – A tinted formula, elegant and silky, leaves a soft matte finish and water resistant.

SMOOTH: If you're not quite ready to brave injectables but still want rapid wrinkle-reducing results on your forehead, laugh lines, and crow's feet, try

Enspri Ultra Collagen Mask treatment. The 2 piece kit combines 100% ultra-fine marine collagen mixed with vitamins and antioxidants for very moisturizing, lifting, smoothing benefits in a matter of minutes.

Use Theraderma Micro-Dermabrasion Cream to push away the surface dead skin cells to reveal your new smooth skin. Use this resurfacing treatment that gently exfoliates the skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.The results will improve the penetration of serum treatments.

Brenda Christian Diamond Powder is the perfect finish.Brenda took the silky base of her best selling Luxury Finishing Powder and suspended tiny little minerals cut like diamonds, which softly capture the light as you move. One sweep of this Diamond Powder over your forehead, cheeks and chin will minimizes lines and make your skin look silky smooth.

wash PERFECT: Oily-prone skin can get pretty slick in the heat of the summer, leading you to wash your face repeatedly. Stop! Over-cleansing actually dehydrates skin, signaling your body to produce more oil. Instead, invest in Theraderma Vitamin B Cream. Your skin will get just the right amount of moisturizing and the best control of oil production.

If you are battling breakouts, try PCA Skin Acne Gel.Clear up your acne with this spot treatment gel. It kills blemish causing bacteria while controlling oil production with 2% salicylic acid and 5% azelaic acid. Penetrates pores to help prevent development of new blemishes and blackheads. spot

Want your complexion to glow for that special occasion? Treat yourself to a mask with Osmosis Organic Berry Blend Treatment. Rich in vitamins and calming Chinese herbs, it produces immediate effects that you can see..

If what you need is not listed above, please send me your request and I will be glad to customize a Speedy Skin Fix for you. AskLinda@hellobeautifulface.com