Bio Jouvance Paris Hyaluronic acid Serum

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Size: 1 fluid oz. / 30 mL

The Bio Jouvance Paris Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the ultimate nourishment for smoother, softer, and younger-looking skin. This highly moisturizing product works to plump the skin while increasing cellular renewal, protect against environmental aggressors and hydrate the skin by binding moisture in without clogging pores or leaving a residue. Perfect for dry and mature skin. Formulated for all skin types.  

Directions:  Cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin thoroughly with one of the Bio Jouvance Paris cleansers, toners and exfoliants appropriate for skin type. Apply a generous amount of Bio Jouvance Paris Hyaluronic Acid Serum to entire face, neck and décolleté area followed by Bio Jouvance Paris Hyaluronic Acid Cream.
Performance Ingredients:

Oleracea Ferment Extract – High in antioxidants, this plant works to protect the skin from free radicals, keep skin tone balanced, and reduce pigmentation.

Sodium Hyaluronate – Hyaluronic acid is a cellular renewal ingredient, soothing agent, and a natural moisture binder.

Ingredients – Hydrolyzed Water, Natural Hyaluronic Acid, Oleracea Ferment Extract.