Theraderma Oily Acne Skin 6 piece Homecare System

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WHO'S IT FOR? Ideal for oily - acne skin type.

WHAT DOES IT DO? This 6 piece system works together to normalize the skin cell’s over production of oil for a blemish free healthy skin.

1. Cleanser: Camphor Soufflé Product Details

2. Toner: Eucalyptus Astringent-Toner Product Details

3. Morning Anti Aging-Repair: Blemish Control Gel Product Details

4. Morning Moisturizer: Ultra Light Day Cream Product Details

5. Daytime Sun Protector: Sun Protection Cream SPF 30 Product Details

6. Night Moisturizer: Vitamin B Cream Product Details

ABOUT Theraderma: Based upon over 30 years of cosmetic research, Theraderma Skincare products are formulated with the highest level of non-prescription pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Instead of abrasive alcohol or unnecessary fragrances, Theraderma products contain soothing, healing Aloe Vera - to give you fast results without irritation - as well as vitamins and natural fruit acids to rebuild and refine your skin so that it glows. Worried about wrinkles, breakouts, dryness, redness, or age spots? Theraderma Skincare has a product for every skin type, tone, and complexion. Best of all, it includes a personalized regimen that's designed just for you, monitored by licensed professional, Linda Hong, Clinical Skincare Specialist.