SofTap Course Outline

 3 Day Microblading Private intensive Hands-on training 

I. Microblading-shading

A. Introduction to the SofTap needle hand tools:
SofTap Microblading Hand tool comes in sterile packaging and completely disposable into a Sharps container when procedure is finished.
16-tip.jpgClose up view of 16 fine point curve click tip needle, in-line. The click tip needle snaps into a click stick handle. 100% disposaible for safe procedure. The needles flex as you are tapping or Microblading in the pigment to form a fine "hair-like" stroke in the eyebrow to simulate the look of hair.  A very natural result. SofTap offers over 20 different needle configurations.
B. Health and Safety Standards:
1. Preventing Cross Contamination 
2. Safety Procedures
C. Client/Patient Consultation:
1. Procedure goals and color selection
2. Pre and post procedure care
3. Consent form
4. Fee quote

D. Treatment room set-up:
1. Lighting
2. Treatment table set-up with proper sanitary supplies and tools
3. Topical numbing creams and solutions.
4. Draping of client/patient and technician’s attire.

softap-makeup.gifSofTap pigment colors come in a squeeze tube. The pigment texture is creamy and very concentrated.  You can do 20 to 30 procedures with one tube.  $18.50 each 7 mL.  SofTap offers 26 microblading colors.
E. Eyebrow Procedure:
1. Selection of pigment color and needle size.
2. Designing brows: face shape, bone structure and correct shape of brows.
3. Microblading hair like strokes and soft fill.
4. The direction and placement of hair strokes.
5. Demonstration of SofTap Microblading & shading technique 
6. Hands-on training on "live models" SofTap Microblading & shading technique
    BEFORE                    AFTER
II. Business Theory:

A. Marketing and advertising.
1. Procedure fees.
2. Brochure design.
3. Print advertising.
4. Social media marketing: facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, blog, website

B. Building a professional portfolio:
1. Camera equipment
2. “Before & After” photography techniques.
3. Photo album with proper photo identification.

C. Insurance and laws.
1. Permanent makeup laws for your state of practice.
2. Permanent makeup associations.

20201108-183649-1-.jpgD. Your business goals:
1. A service add-on to current menu of services.
2. Doctor’s office aesthetic practice.
3. Spa and/or salon permanent makeup service.
4. Certificate of Completion



My time with Linda in the 4 day intensive course was one of the best training experiences I've had. She's kind and warm, and has an incredible wealth of knowledge in Permanent Makeup and Softap. She's a great instructor who is able to take the concepts and demonstrate and explain them in a way that makes sense for new artists. Having her undivided attention in a one-on-one environment while working on live models has given me a great head start in developing my skills as a Softap Permanent Makeup artist. The business information included in the course was very helpful to get plans in place for marketing and operations. She really takes the time to answer all of your questions and set you up to succeed. I'm so pleased that I chose to train with Linda!

Tara A, Simi Valley, Ca


Hi Linda,

How are you? I hope all is well. :)

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the wonderful training you gave me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent with Amanda and I prior to the training. It was so nice and helpful of you to do that, especially since we knew nothing about permanent makeup. You were a very good instructor and I don’t know if I really told you that. So if I didn’t, I am now.

Starting off has been a been struggle but you have been so supportive. Thank you. Not sure if I would still be doing this if I didn’t have someone to call and ask for help. It’s been invaluable.

Things have started to pick up for me. I am renting a small room in a salon near my house and I am currently doing a ‘guest’ visit twice a month at a salon in Woodland Hills. I started that last week and that has been amazing. My work has improved greatly. If fact, I would say that I’ve gotten very good in the past couple of months. I didn’t expect to see such a big improvement until the summer but there has been a shift in my work and I’m doing very well. In any case, I just wanted to thank you again for your training. You gave me what you promised and more. :) 

Denise Gordon, Van Nuys, Ca


"I researched teachers for permanent makeup for quite a while before choosing a teacher/class that I hoped would enhance my career. I had great confidence when I chose Linda Hong, because of her background and experience.  Linda teaches a great, comprehensive class, covering everything from sanitation (most important in this industry) to the "art" of SofTap permanent makeup. Linda's class is hands-on almost immediately. Due to Linda's guidance and instruction you are ahead of the game from the get-go!  I wholeheartedly recommend Linda Hong as a teacher of SofTap permanent makeup!  

Personally, I was excited about completing my training and how to incorporate SofTap permanent makeup in my business immediately. It does take time, once you learn this 'art', to build the confidence you really need. But with a teacher like Linda you have the greatest launching pad to move forward!  I have been doing SofTap permanent makeup for almost 8 years and just love it."

Heather Dubin,  Accentuous by Heather