SofTap Business Starter Kit

Value: $360. Included in your 3 Day Private Microblading Intensive Hands-On training and 4 Day Microblading Combo training. 
Here is an example of SofTap Microblading Business Starter Kit which includes enough supplies to complete 25-30 procedures, which will give you more than a full return on your training and kit investment (based on $250.-$350. fee per procedure). The colors and needles will vary in the 4 Day Microblading Combo Training kit.
10 Pigment Colors: Each 7 mL tube of pigment color has enough product to complete 20-30 procedures. 

            1-Bashful Blonde      1-Mink                     

            1-Chocolate Eclair    1-Bordeaux                               

            1-Cocoa                   1-Cappuccino

            1-Earth                    1-Lemon Aid

            1-Cafe Ole               1-Royal Fudge

SofTap Microblading Click tip needles and handles:

            4- 5 Prong Click Tip Straight line Needle

            5- 6 Prong Click Tip Curved Extra Fine Needle

            5- 6 Prong Click Tip Curved Needle

            1- 7 Prong Click Tip Needle

            1- 9 Prong Click Tip Straight line Needle

            2- 10 Prong Click Tip Extra Fine Needle

            2- 12 Prong Click Tip Needle

            2- 14  Prong Click Tip Curved Needle            cu-12-point-sm-pix.jpg

            3- 15 Prong Click Tip Round Needle    

            3- 16 Prong Click Tip Curved Extra Fine Needle

            1- 25 Prong Click Tip Round Needle    

            29-Click Stick handles

SofTap Topical Anesthetics:

             1- Block-Aid Topical Anesthetic 10 ml.

             1- Minnerva2 Gel Topical Anesthetic 10 ml.

For all additional SofTap needles, pigments and supplies order online: Click here.

Linda Hong, SofTap Instructor and SofTap Microblading Supply Distributor.  

Questions? Call-Text-Email: 323-404-5643


caramel.jpgSofTap Color Chart

Each tube of pigment color (7ml) has enough product to complete 25-30 procedures. A very small amount is needed to complete a procedure due to the dense pigment color concentration. The pigment is a very creamy texture that stays in the finger ring color cup for easy application. Contains Iron Oxide & Glycerin. No FD&C or D&C Dyes. Since 1988 there has never been a reported adverse reaction. 

The SofTap® colors are so true that all you have to do to select a color is smear a small amount of color onto the skin to see how it looks with clients haircolor.  Customers receive stunning results that look completely natural. No mixing is required with these colors, which makes the process faster and easier. Below is the Microblading eyebrow pigment color chart. 26 colors total.