SofTap Business Starter Kit

Here is a sample of a SofTap Microblading Business Starter Kit. Your Instructor Linda Hong will assist you in customizing your order of supplies to begin your Microblading business.
$350. The SofTap Microblading Business Starter Kit has enough supplies to complete over 20 procedures, which will give you more than a full return on your training and kit investment (based on $250.-$350. fee per procedure). 
9 Pigment Colors: Each tube of pigment color has enough product to complete 20-30 procedures. hand-method.jpg

            1-Bashful Blonde      1-Mink            

            1-Chocolate Eclair    1-Bordeaux                               

            1-Cocoa                   1-Cappucino

            1-Earth                    1-Lemon Aid

            1-Cafe Ole           

SofTap Needles:

            5- Ck5 Needle

            5- Ck6 fine Needle

            5- Ck6 reg. Needle

            3- Ck9   Needle              cu-12-point-sm-pix.jpg

            2- Ck 15 Needle    

            5- Ck 16 Needle

SofTap Topical Anesthetics:

             1- Block-Aid Topical Anesthetic 10 ml.

             1- Minnerva2 Gel Topical Anesthetic 10 ml.

All additional SofTap needles, pigments and supplies can be order from

Linda Hong, SofTap Instructor and SofTap Supply Distributor.  

Call-Text-Email: 323-404-5643




SofTap Color Chart

Each tube of pigment color (7ml) has enough product to complete 20-30 procedures. A very small amount is needed to complete a procedure due to the dense pigment color concentration. The pigment is a very creamy texture that stays in the finger ring color cup for easy application. Contains Iron Oxide & Glycerin. No FD&C or D&C Dyes. Since 1988 there has never been a reported adverse reaction. 

The SofTap® colors are so true that all you have to do to select a color is smear a small amount of color onto the skin to see how it looks with clients haircolor.  Customers receive stunning results that look completely natural. No mixing is required with these colors, which makes the process faster and easier.



  Light Medium Dark
Cool Colors Eyebrows: Cool Color - Earl Grey Eyebrows: Cool Color - Champagne   Eyebrows: Cool Color - Mink Eyebrows: Cool Color - Brown Sugar   Eyebrows: Cool Color - Pecan Pie Eyebrows: Cool Color - Chocolate Eclair Eyebrows: Cool Color - Charcoal  
Neutral Colors Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Platinum Blonde Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Bashful Blonde Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Hazelnut Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Fawn Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Cappuccino Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Cafe Vienna Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Expresso Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Earth Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Mahogany  
Warm Colors Eyebrows: Warm Color - Amber Eyebrows: Warm Color - Caramel Eyebrows: Warm Color - Milk Chocolate Eyebrows: Warm Color - Bordeaux Eyebrows: Warm Color - Copper Eyebrows: Warm Color - Cocoa Warm Color - Chocolate Truffle Eyebrows: Warm Color - Royal Fudge Eyebrows: Warm Color - German Chocolate Eyebrows: Warm Color - Cafe Ole



Cool Colors Eyeliner: Cool Color - Chocolate Eclair Eyeliner: Cool Color - Charcoal      
Neutral Colors Eyeliner: Neutral Color - Earth Eyeliner: Neutral Color - Mahogany      
Warm Colors Eyeliner: Warm Color - German Chocolate Eyeliner: Warm Color - Cafe Ole      
Special Effects Eyeliner: Special Effects - Irish Moss Eyeliner: Special Effects - Jade Granite Eyeliner: Special Effects - Blue Lagoon Eyeliner: Special Effects - Tempting Teal Eyeliner: Special Effects - Black Orchid



Mauve/Pinks Lips: Mauve/Pink Color - Sweet 16 Lips: Mauve/Pink Color - Innocence Lips: Mauve/Pink Color - Cupids Kiss  
Orange/Pinks Lips: Orange/Pink Color - Mango Obsession Lips: Orange/Pink Color - Peaches N Cream Lips: Orange/Pink Color - Blushed Petals  
Red/Pinks Lips: Red/Pink Color - Tickle Me Pink Lips: Red/Pink Color - Valentine Lips: Red/Pink Color - Victorian Rose  
Brown/Pinks Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Pastel Rose Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Secret Passion Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Jamaican Rum Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Havana Girl


Camouflage Colors

Camouflage Colors
Camouflage Colors - Porcelain Camouflage Colors - Pearl
Camouflage Colors - Seashell Camouflage Colors - Cocoa Butter
Camouflage Colors - Golden Sunrise Camouflage Colors - Tropicana


Breast/Areola Treatments

Breast/Areola Colors
Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Cotton Candy Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Pinkaboo Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Princess
Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Sinnamon Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Mocha Java Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Cherries Jubilee