Sequins Black & White Mask

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A mask of black lace and sequins lined with white 100% pre-washed cotton fabric. This elegant pattern will add just the right touch of bling and protection for all your mask wearing needs. Lace sequin pattern will vary as each Made to Order Mask is hand cut.

Wear and Care of Your Mask:

A breathable, reusable, washable mask for women made of 2 layers of fabric. Outer layer: synthetic sequined lace. Inside layer: 100% pre-washed cotton fabric. Nylon elastic string ear loops.

To put the mask on simply slip the elastic loops around each ear, position the mask over your nose. Pinch the wire on the top edge of mask to fit on the nose. Pull the bottom of mask over chin. 

Best to wash by hand. Soak in warm soapy water. Rinse well. Lay flat to dry.   

Mask dimensions:

From fabric side to fabric side 8". From top to bottom 7"

Size Small-Medium elastic string ear loop 7". Size Large 9"  

A Limited Supply