Private Training Combo Class - 4 Days-8 Models

Eyebrow: Microblading/Pixel Shading - Upper/Lower Eyeliner - Lipliner/Full Lipcolor Fill in - Scar Camouflage - Repigment Bald Hair Scalp


includes Business Starter Supply Kit

Private Class - One Student - One Instructor

This is NOT a group training class.

This is One Instructor (Linda Hong) for One Student hands-on training on live models. The most efficient and effective way to learn the art of SofTap Permanent Makeup Hand Method 

Includes the following:

02-08-20-irene-n-10-.jpgMicroblading - how to create hair-like strokes in the eyebrow to simulate the most natural results using the SofTap hand method needle tools and pigments. How to design and shape eyebrows. Learn the Pixel Shading techniques: Also known as Soft Powdery, Micro-shading, Fill-in style, Ombre, Nano-microblading, Feathering & 3D.    

Eyebrow Corrective Camouflage - Correcting old-faded permanent makeup eyebrow design/color with SofTap hand method needle tools and pigments. 

Bald Hair Scalp Repigmentation - Learn how to use microblading techniques to repigment bald spots on hair scalp.

Upper Eyeliner and Lower Eyeliner - Learn how to create eyeliner to enhance eyelashes and the shape of the eyelids.

Lipliner and Full Lipcolor fill in - Learn the advanced technique to do lipliner and lip liner extension. How to fill in the full lips with pigment color.

Scar Camouflage - How to implant pigment to cover small scars.

32 Total Classroom Hours + 8 Hours home work = 40 Hours. Training each day from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm with 45 minutes - 1 hour lunch break. 

Digital Instructional Course Manual: Includes: SofTap hand method tool needle options, pigment color selection, consent forms, procedure instructions and business tools. All materials in the manual will be discussed in class.

Business Supply Starter Kit: $360. value click here for kit 

Photography Training: You will learn to take Before and After photos of each procedure to build your business portfolio.

Permanent Makeup Supplies: All supplies use in training (needles, pigment, topical anesthetic, etc.) are included in the training fee. 

Certificate of Completion: Awarded at end of course.

Student can photograph and/or video all procedures done on models. 

Post Graduate Mentoring: Linda is dedicated to help you succeed in your SofTap Microblading business: 

  • Critiquing photos of your work to help you fine tune your SofTap technique
  • Providing feedback on all your marketing materials
  • Available to you via email, phone and texting 


Dear Linda,   Thank you for the fabulous SofTap course!!  You are a very patient instructor and have so much experience that makes your student relaxed and less stressed!.  I really enjoyed my course and can't wait to come back to see you!  Thank you for all your "pearls" of wisdom and business tips.  I can't wait to get my SofTap permanent makeup business going.  Thank you again for your kindness, patience, expertise and instruction - you're awesome. 

LeeAnn Marino, Walnut Creek, CA


My name is Sarah Jackson. I took Linda's SofTap course and I can't say enough about my learning experience. The one on one teaching structure was fabulous and very hands on. I felt at ease the moment I spoke with Linda when inquiring about her course. I was coming from Niagara Falls, Canada so there were many arrangements to be made and she helped in every way she could. The moment I stepped into the training room I was excited to learn and wow did I learn a lot. We got right down to work and by that afternoon was working on real person-model.

There is no better way to build confidence than to get right in there and do the work. Linda has a vast amount of knowledge and answered any questions I had without hesitation. I returned home from Los Angeles and got right down to business doing my first client within a few days. I felt very confident as I knew I had received the best training available to me. Linda is extremely professional and can offer anyone tremendous training in SofTap permanent makeup.    

Sarah Jackson, Niagara Falls, ON Canada

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