PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy

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Size: .3 oz

WHO'S IT FOR?  Ideal for all skin types.

WHAT DOES IT DO?  Get your lips in top condition with this scientifically advanced formula that improves overall lip health and appearance.

• Peptide and amino acid ingredients help rebuild the collagen matrix for increased strength and resiliency

• BMX Complex boosts moisture retention and accumulation for maximum hydration

• Antioxidants enhance barrier protection to shield lips from damaging free radicals

HOW TO USE:  Apply to lips twice daily to protect against environmental damage, improve hydration and dramatically minimize lip lines. With daily use, Peptide Lip Therapy will reduce peeling and promote smoother, fuller lips.

Key Ingredients:  BMX Complex is a proprietary blend of Tomato and Barley that reduces flakiness, while increasing skin hydration. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 is clinically-proven to increase collagen I and IV deposition and fibronectin synthesis to increase the volume and density of the lip. Safflower Seed Oil, Castor Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids to prevent water loss.

ABOUT: PCA Skin (Physician's Choice of Arizona) was founded in 1990 by Esthetician Margaret Ancira, who worked with physicians and scientists to create the best skin care for both men and women. PCA Skin never stops working to find the best new ingredients and formulas that have been proven effective against dryness, fine lines, breakouts, redness and age spots and yet are never irritating.