Osmosis StemFactor Growth Factor Serum New Formulation

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Size: 1 oz/30 mL

WHO IS IT FOR? Ideal for all skin types.

WHAT DOES IT DO?  StemFactor restores the growth factors in our skin as they decline with the aging process. This restoration stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin over time also repairing damaged DNA that can improve skin tags, keratosis, scarring, and other skin disturbances.  More than 150 different skin growth factors are applied in the formulation to heal damaged skin and dramatically improve aging skin.

What is a growth factor? Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that are capable of activating differentiation, proliferation, and cellular growth. It has more macrophages and fibroblasts to provide the best results.

The Source of StemFactor's Growth Factors: It uses growth factors derived from a Stem Cell Bank. The process involves harvesting stem cells from adult donors. The location of stem cells is proprietary and they are mesenchymal stem cells derived from a fat source. None of these stem cells come from cord tissue or blood from a fetus. All of the adult donors were heavily and carefully screened before participation. These are not actual stem cells, just growth factors.

FOR IDEAL RESULTS: Use a Osmosis Treatment Serum: (Correct or Renew or Calm or Clarify or Clear) and Osmosis Catalyst or Catalyst Plus+ in combination with StemFactor. You can alternate using Stem Factor in the day and Catalyst at night. Switch it up and see what works best for you. Apply 2 pumps to face and neck after cleansing morning and/or evening. Can be applied around the eyes.

FYI: Osmosis Catalyst works within the skin cell restoring damaged strands. StemFactor directs the repaired cells to multiply creating more protein production, collagen production, and improves the strength and elasticity of the collagen structure. That is why it is advised to use both together for optimal results.

Key Ingredients: FGF1-9, EGF, HGF, IFN-1, PDGF, VEGF and over 100 more growth factors 

ABOUT OSMOSIS SKINCARE: Notice a real difference in your skin with Osmosis Skincare.  Developed in 2007 by combining sound science and meticulous research, Dr. Ben Johnson has created dermal remodeling. Unlike most products, it doesn’t treat the top layer of skin (epidermis) by overusing exfoliation techniques, but instead goes deeper, to the second layer (dermis), where the majority of skin damage and aging actually occurs.

Osmosis Skincare helps restore your complexion to its youthful healthy state utilizing the most advanced ingredients in the world.  The first to offer DNA repair strategies using Zinc Finger Technology™ as well as liposomally delivered stem cell growth factors, Osmosis Skincare is powerful yet non-inflammatory and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.