Osmosis Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum

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Size: 1 oz./30 ml

WHO IS IT FOR?  Men, women and children experiencing any of the following conditions: 

•     Aging body and skin (all ages) 

•     Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Liver and Age Spots 

•     Weak or Suppressed Immune System

•     Disease or Illness 

•     Deteriorating Organs or Joints

WHAT DOES IT DO? This Osmosis epidermal repair serum contains a revolutionary, patented, new ingredient that combines modern technology and an ancient Oriental medicinal herb. Trioxolane, a specialized extract of sweet wormwood, has a remarkable ability to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, minimize the appearance of pores and age spots (an effect that lasts even after use is discontinued), and dramatically improves skin texture. Heals the cause of inflammation and hyperpigmentation (dark spots and/or patches) on all skin types. Once the cell is healed it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. Results diminish the appearance of most melasma, making the cells more resilient and strengthening the skin. For a more aggressive treatment of melasma add Osmosis Restore Internal to daily regimen.

HOW TO USE IT: On clean skin, use one pump and spot treat pigmented areas. Follow with two pumps on skin twice daily. For accelerated results combine with Osmosis Catalyst and Treatment Serums (Correct, Calm, Renew, Clarify or Clear).

Ingredients: Purified Water, Cyclodextrin, Carbomer,Glycerin, Sweet Wormwood Extract