ilike Organic Botanical AHA peel

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Size:  50 ml / 1.7 oz

Skin Types / Skin Conditions:

dry skin
normal/combination skin
oily skin
acne, seborrhea
chapped skin and dry areas
tired skin
stressed skin
pale skin
large pores
inflammation prone skin


dissolves dead cells from skin surface
smoothes skin
tightens pores
improves wrinkle lines

Directions for application:

This is a quick peel, especially created for short treatments and simple protocols.  Apply a medium thickness layer of peel to the face or body after cleansing.  Avoid the eye and broken skin area (such as active acne spots).  Leave on for 3-5 minutes then use a rotating brush or a soft round brush in circular movements for 2-3 minutes. If you do not have a brush, gently massage the skin with your hands in circular motions and remove the product with a damp face towel or rinse thoroughly with clear water. 

This product tingles a bit, especially when applied to broken skin or acne spots.  It is very important that you always inform the client about the expected tingling sensation and that this is not an allergic reaction!  Do not use on flared up Rosacea or other skin reactions. Clients Rosacea and severe sensitivity should receive the AHA/Paprika peel instead.

It is also very important to use proper sunscreen after the peel!


Hollyhock, Lactic Acid, Lemon Oil -- Bioflavonoids, Tannins, Vitamins B and C, Terpens, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements