ilike Fenugreek Gel for Wrinkles

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Size: 0.4 oz.

WHO'S IT FOR? Ideal for those with aging and mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes who want smoother, more toned, and more youthful eyes.

WHAT DOES IT DO?  Key ingredients formulated to: Fenugreek to reduce inflammation and wrinkles, Flaxseed to nourish and strengthen, and Aloe Vera to soothe and calm, the eyes will look brighter, lighter, and much more youthful.  Also provides extra moisture to extreme dry areas of face and body.

HOW TO USE:  Apply a small amount of gel around your eyes with a gentle tapping motion. Do not pull the sensitive skin around the eye area. Also provides extra moisture to extreme dry areas of face and body, apply a thicker layer on each area.  Use it as a final step of your daily skin care regime in the morning and the evening.

INGREDIENTS:  Fenugreek, Flaxseed, Aloe, Potato, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Saponins, Trigonelline, Proteolitic Enzymes, Lignins, Glycoprotein, Vitamins B, C and E, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements

ABOUT ilike Organic Skincare:  We are a company with a passion for our products. Having used and appreciated the products for years in Hungary, we now bring them to our customers in North America.  Hungary is a land filled with natural hot springs, soil just right for growing succulent fruits, vegetables and herbs and a culture of caring for the skin. From these roots the ilike Organic Skin Care Line was born. And for decades these products have helped people live beautifully.