Divaderme Lash Extender “Lashes in a Bottle”

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Size - 9 ml

WHO’S IT FOR? Ideal for anyone who wants fuller, longer eyelashes instantly. Safe for contact lense wearers.

WHAT IS Divaderme LashExtender? It’s an all-natural product consisting of tiny fibers made from cellulose, panthenol, and vitamin E. The LashExtender’s tiny fibers adhere to your own lashes after applying your favorite mascara, giving you dramatically thicker and longer eyelashes.

HOW DO I USE IT? First, get ready everything you’ll need: mascara, the LashExtender and the soft small brush that comes with it. Next, curl your lashes and then apply a first layer of mascara on the entire length of your lashes. Within ten seconds or so, looking down into a mirror (do not tilt head back) apply LashExtender followed by another layer of mascara to seal on the LashExtender fibers. One layer of LashExtender will give you beautiful longer lashes and a natural daytime look. If you want super long ultra glam eyes, you can continue to apply alternating layers of LashExtender and mascara to the tips of your lashes only, to obtain the length and thickness that you desire. A few excess fibers may fall on your lid or face. Simply brush them off with the soft small brush that comes with the LashExtender kit. Use eye makeup remover to clean off.

Which mascara should I use? Without a doubt, Divaderme LashExtender works best with Divaderme MascaraDiva. This all-natural mascara product is specially formulated to hold the lash extender fibers all day and all night for long length without clumping. Because of its consistency, the lash extender fibers adhere very well and stay the whole day. If the mascara you use is too dry, too thick, or too old, the fibers will not stick well and will flake off during the day.

ABOUT Divaderme Cosmetics: Coming to us from the Leuzzi family in Italy, these sophisticated formulas have been featured in salons and spas for over 30 years. Now you can experience what Divaderme's blending of nature and technology does for your lashes, brows, eyes and lips. Luxiourous textures and chic European shades will bring new life to your every glance and smile. From Italy . . . to you.