SofTap Hand Method Training FAQ

Question: What is the difference between the SofTap hand method and the machine method for permanent makeup?

Answer: There are several different kinds of permanent makeup machines. The coil machine and the rotary pen machine are 2 types. All machines have the same working mechanism: an electrical motor that pushes a cluster of needles up and down at a very high speed. The needles are dipped into pigment and then the up and down motion of the needles will place pigment into the skin of the permanent makeup area. The vibration from the speed of the needles going in and out of the skin can be very abrasive to the skin (resulting in a longer healing time) and cause pain. There is a longer "learning curve" to master the technique of the machine method. It takes a lot of "hands on" experience to become proficient at handling the machine. The use of the machine requires an extension cord, an extra machine for back up (in case the first machine breaks down during a procedure) and there is a noisy buzzing sound when the motor is turned on. To use the machine for another procedure on a new patient/client there are parts of the machine that must be sterilized in a moist heat autoclave machine. The cost of the machines are from $250.00-$3000.00. The needles are a separate cost that can run from $2.00-$50.00.

The SofTap hand method is done with a simple lightweight disposable hand tool. No noise, no extension cords and no vibration. The hand tool comes packaged in a sterile wrapping with a choice of different needle groupings. The most versatile needle grouping is the C12. There are 12 very fine needles that are in-line and slanted. The needles are dipped into the pigment and then with a gentle tapping motion on the permanent makeup area, the needles are designed to gently catch the skin and deposit the pigment into the skin. This gentle tapping motion is not abrasive to the skin, resulting in very minor discomfort. Very fine hair-like strokes can be created in the eyebrow area to create a very natural eyebrow or a very fine line for eyeliner and/or lipliner.The technician has much more control with the hand method. The "learning curve" is much faster for the student during the training course. After the procedure is finished the hand tool is disposed into a Sharps container, making the clean up very fast and simple. The C12 needle hand tool cost is $5.00 each.

Question: Does the SofTap hand method of doing permanent makeup last as long as the machine method?

Answer: Yes, and it can last even longer because of the high quality SofTap pigments. The SofTap pigments are very rich in pigment color and creamy in texture. When doing permanent makeup with the SofTap hand method or with the machine method the pigment must be placed in the dermis layer (2nd layer) of the skin. If the pigment is placed into the first layer of skin, the epidermis, the pigment will slough off and the color will be gone. It is easier to gauge the proper placement of the pigment with the SofTap Hand Method.

Question: Is it a wise decision to learn both the hand method and the machine method?

Answer: No, it is not a good choice to learn both the hand and machine method. It is better to learn one or the other and to become the best at that method. Do not try to take a class that teaches both methods or spend more money taking separate classes to learn each method. You will end up confusing yourself. Each method has its own specific techniques. If you are learning one method and then have to switch to the other method, you will have to unlearn one to achieve the other.

Question: After I finish my SofTap permanent makeup training will I be able to start doing permanent makeup on my clients right away?

Answer: Yes, because in the SofTap training course you will have hands-on training on live models starting on the first day of class. Throughout the 4 days of training the you will complete several permanent makeup procedures including: eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, scar and corrective camouflage and tattoo removal. By the end of the 4th day you will feel very confident with the SofTap hand method. Upon completion of the SofTap training, you are encouraged to schedule as many procedures as possible to work on models or paying clientele so that you can build up more speed and confidence.

Question: Are there any state law requirements to do permanent makeup?

Answer: Yes, every state has their own laws for doing permanent makeup. In California there is no license required to perform tattooing (body or cosmetic). You are only required to register with the Department of Health Services in your county. In Nevada you must take a state board to be licensed. In Kansas you are required to have 1600 hours of apprenticeship in tattooing. Some states will only allow tattooing in a doctor's office. It is a good idea to check with the State Cosmetology Board and/or the Health Department in your state to find out what the laws are before pursuing a career in permanent makeup.

Question: Why should I choose to take the SofTap Permanent Makeup course from the Institute of American Aesthetics by Linda Hong?

Answer: Because the most efficient way to learn permanent makeup is to have "hands-on" training on live models in a private class setting with a very experienced and professional instructor. The SofTap Permanent Makeup course from the Institute of American Aesthetics by instructor Linda Hong will provide you with all of the above. From the onset of your first day of training, Linda will have models scheduled for you to begin your "hands-on" training for eyebrows and eyeliner. Each day of training will increase your ability to accomplish the entire procedure for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, scar and corrective camouflage and tattoo removal. The SofTap pigments make color selection easy. There is no mixing or guessing when selecting a color for the client. To help students become successful in their permanent makeup business Linda is available by phone or email to answer questions.

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